technology management jobs

Why Ignoring Technology Management Jobs Will Cost You Sales

technology management jobs

What’s Changed, and How You Must Respond

You need skilled and talented individuals for your technology management jobs. The many reasons include survival and prevention of cyberattack, to standing a chance against competitors in an innovative and rapidly-changing world.

However, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting high demand for IT talent (and job growth in the sector 6% above the average rate over the coming years), it is becoming harder to hire talented candidates into technology management jobs.

Here, we outline why settling for second-best technology management candidates is a big mistake, and one that could harm your sales.

Technology Is Changing the Sales Process in Today’s Digital World

The Good

The use of technology in marketing and sales has made it easier than ever before to reach customers.

It has also completely changed the way people buy. Marketing as a field is changing with new technology because consumers are demanding more personalized, digital attention. Technology allows for marketers to personalize their messages based on the individual’s profile and specific needs, and reach them accordingly.

The Bad

In this time of rapid technology advancements, companies have struggled to keep up with changes in best practices. This is especially true in businesses that are not in tune with technological advancements.

To stay competitive, companies should invest in a skilled workforce who have the knowledge and experience to help them adapt and evolve their business strategies and emerging technologies.

The Ugly

Staying on top of all the latest innovations in your industry can be tough, which can be detrimental when it comes to staying relevant and competitive. It’s imperative to hire strong management into technology roles, but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Three Tech Trends That Are Altering The Sales Landscape

There are three headlining reasons tech is moving so greatly:

1.     Marketing Automation Is an Essential Component of Any Sales Strategy

Marketing automation software is a must for your sales team. This software has many features that streamline sales processes, such as predictive analytics, chatbots, and email marketing. The power of automation is not just about prioritizing tasks or scheduling activities. It enables you to understand your customers better by connecting the dots between your marketing strategies and sales strategies.

2.     Data Collection Plays a Crucial Role in Today’s Market

Data collection plays a crucial role in today’s market. It helps companies understand their clients and competitors, build targeted marketing strategies, and generate predictions for future demand.

3.     Remote Sales Is the Future of Selling

Remote selling increases productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and time spent on business development. Your target customer also wants to be approached via their technology, for convenience and speed.

The Technology Talent Gap & Why It’s a Big Issue

To stay ahead of your competition, you need the most skilled workforce to advance your technology efforts to not only meet expectations and stay updated, but also to be the innovative company that offers much more to its clients. With a skills shortage, this is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to achieve.

5 Tips for Attracting Top Management Talent in an Increasingly Competitive Market

There can be no doubt that you must hire strong candidates into your technology management roles. Here’s how best to find them in a skills shortage:

1.     Understand What Type of Employee You Need

An employee’s job is more than just the work they do; it’s also about the impact they have. Review the role you’re hiring for, outlining what they need to hit the ground running, and the soft skills applicable to support your business and progress within it for the long term.

2.     Create a Competitive Salary Package

To compete for the most talented candidates, you must offer a competitive salary that’s reflective of the benefits they’ll bring to your business, and provide an idea of how their salary will progress.

3.     Offer Flexible Work Hours and Performance-Based Bonuses

Salary isn’t the be-all-and-end-all to the most talented tech managers. Particularly because of the pandemic, place and time flexibility is a crucial ‘perk’ for many. Performance-based bonuses also create drive and motivation, and show that they too get reward when targets and achievements are delivered.

4.     Provide Career Progression

The best candidates need a vision of their professional future. They want to work for companies who support them and help them develop a strong career path. Show them how you will provide this and encourage them to achieve.

5.     Create a Flexible Hiring Process

Looking for the skills you need when you need them leaves the law of probability against you. Knowing which skills you need in the future is almost impossible in a rapidly-changing environment. Thus, a flexible hiring process that connects both you and talent on an ongoing basis will support your hiring needs.

Hire a Recruiter or Staffing Agency to Help You Find Qualified Candidates

At ITC, we have the experience and expertise that has allowed us to place thousands of skilled candidates to our clients in accordance with their business needs. Whether it’s for a project-based contract, with or without a view to hire, or direct permanent placement – we have the skilled and talented people you need to thrive.

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