Direct Hire

Locating the Right Tech Talent

About Direct Hire

Building a more diverse and inclusive technology team just got easier! Our staffing firm specializes in direct placements with a DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) focus. Our goal is to help organizations find the best and brightest technology professionals who bring new perspectives, ideas, and solutions to the table.

Direct Hire Benefits

  • A thorough technical screening and reference check process
  • A team of technical recruiters to facilitate onboarding success
  • Proactive networking programs that cultivate access to passive job seekers
  • Direct hires allow clients to access a broader pool of talent.
  • Stronger commitment and loyalty of direct employees who are invested in the success of the organization.

What We Identify In Our Candidates

Technical Knowledge

Do they have the expertise to take your business to the next level?

Communication Skills

Can they explain their vision and ideas to their leaders and peers?

Cultural Aptitude

Do they align with the people and values of your business?

Let our team introduce you to the best in the business to keep your company on track for years to come.

Take The Next Step

Boost your project’s potential and let us secure your next diverse tech hire.