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10 Tactics to Fill Technology Jobs During a Skills Shortage

technology jobs

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

You need to fill your technology jobs with high-end skills. But where do you find them and hire them during a skills shortage?

As technology dominates the global economy in every industry, you must hire to boost your market competitiveness. But in the face of a technology talent shortage, supply of the skills your business needs is being trampled by demand. Korn Ferry says the U.S. could lose out annually on $162 billion worth of revenue unless more talent emerges.

Your hiring strategy is integral to your business growth. In this article, we outline 10 tactics to use to ensure you always have the skills you need.

1.     Pay Attention to Your Job Description

Some job descriptions come across as uninviting. It’s important to list all the must-have and desirable skills you need. Just as important is to highlight the reasons a candidate should work for you – not only an attractive salary, but career progression and an exceptional culture.

2.     Hire Temporary Personnel

A staffing void can lead to staff attrition, reduced productivity, poor-quality deliverance, and missed deadlines. Use the facility of temporary contracts through specialist staffing solutions providers like Irvine Technology Corporation. Whether it’s until you find a permanent placement, or to meet a project deadline with correct staffing levels, this is a great solution for business needs and budget.

3.     Hire Temporary Skills

You may require a certain skill that comes at a cost that is unbudgeted for a full-time hire. If there’s a project or task that requires a specific skillset, hire only for those skills for an agreeable period. This is also highly advantageous when trialing a new position and an individual’s impact on the business.

4.     Upskill Your Current Workforce

This is a long-term strategy. Always invest in your own people, routinely assessing ways to nurture their future in-house. It keeps your talent focused, motivated, and loyal, and attracts new talent who seek career progression.

5.     Outsource Offshore

Remote work is allowing us to reach far and wide – even globally – for the skills we need. Don’t limit yourself to a small radius. Do, however, consider complications in time zones, cultural differences, and the effects on collaboration and deliverance.

6.     Promote an Employee Referral Program

Allow your own staff to vouch for new talent through word of mouth with an incentivized referral program.

7.     Treat Your Candidates Well

Pump resources into executing a hiring strategy seamlessly. New talent will hopefully enter your hiring channels – don’t put them off with lackluster efforts. Keep them informed, and treat them as you would your clients.

8.     Commit to Employer Brand

Long term, invest in your employer brand to improve how passive candidates see you. And when 73% aren’t actively looking for a job, this can be the game changer. Be the go-to online resource for the latest industry news, tech trends, and innovative online presence that draws positive attention without even advertising, and unlock an untapped pool of skills.

9.     Nurture Your Talent Pool

This requires effort and dedication, but could potentially keep leads warm for when vacancies do arise. Check in with previous applicants or ex-employees, and keep your arms open to them.

10.  Partner with an Expert Staffing Agency

Specialist staffing agencies are experts in this field. Here at Irvine Tech Corporation, we cover all these tips under one focused hiring umbrella. We can provide who you need, when you need them – from as little as one day of coverage, to full-time permanent integration into your skilled workforce.

At Irvine Tech Corporation, we cover the big picture and the details to understand who you need from our nurtured talent pool of technical skills.

We aggressively implement our resources to ensure your staffing needs are met, so that your company can stay ahead of its competition.

Get in touch with us today and discover how we can provide a clear and expertly executed solution to your staffing needs.