Contract Placements

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About Contract Staff

In need of top tech talent but don’t want the commitment of a full-time hire? Look no further! Our staffing firm specializes in placing contract technology professionals.

We live and breathe consistency through our proven methods of sourcing, screening, and supplying companies with top talent. Plus, our diverse pool of highly skilled specialists will bring new ideas, perspectives, and solutions to your projects, driving innovation and success. From software development to data analysis, we’ve got the resources to fill any IT contract jobs within your organization.

ITC’s Contract Options

We offer an array of options to deliver scalable and effective technology staffing solutions.

Full-Time Contracts

Consultants work 40+ hours per week for three months (or more)

Part-Time Contracts

Consultants work less than 40 hours per week with a varied timeline

Temporary Contracts

Consultants work any number of hours between one day to three months

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