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The tech industry is ever evolving. Whether you are seeking out tech professionals or searching high and low for the right opportunity, ITC can help. We don’t back down from challenges—we embrace them. Our tenured, diverse team of experts discovers talent who will transform your business, while our resourceful recruiters can open the door to the next chapter in your career.

Secure Talent That Delivers An Impact

Our IT staffing agency specializes in placing first-rate, diverse technology talent into corporations. With a focus on underrepresented groups in tech, we bring new perspectives and ideas to your team. Our goal is to match talented individuals with organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion. Working together, we can create a more innovative technology industry.

Diversity Is In Our DNA

Our company empowers women to take the lead in technology. That’s why our course was created by women for women. Nationally recognized CIOs lead each course, walking you through relevant scenarios in real-time so you can experience how to tackle those challenges first-hand.

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Women In Leadership

Attention all ambitious women leaders! Take your career to the next level with our Executive Women in Leadership Course. This course is designed specifically for Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of Technology who aspire to take the next step in their career. Throughout the course, you will gain valuable insights and skills to help you overcome the unique challenges faced by women in leadership positions. You will learn effective communication techniques, negotiation skills, how to build a strong team and most importantly how to elevate your career.

Find A Home
For Your Tech Skills

You know you belong in the tech space but pinpointing the right role and employer can be a struggle. That’s exactly the puzzle our recruiters are skilled at solving. At ITC, we zero in on your needs and goals and don’t stop working until we find the role that’s your perfect fit.

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