Employee Referral Program

For every great employee comes a great bonus

In an effort to recruit the very best talent, Irvine Technology Corporation (ITC) would like to offer you a bonus of up to $3,000 for each referral that we put to work!
How does it work? It’s simple, contact one of our recruiter specialists online or by phone with a particular candidate that would meet the criteria for a specific posted position. Once you have referred the candidate to the position, we will take your contact information and if that candidate gets placed at our client for that position and stays employed for 90 working days – you are qualified for a BONUS.

*Payouts are based on the level of the position filled and duration of the contract. The referred candidate must have an introduction to our team member via email or phone. A referral will be paid out on the specific position that the candidate was referred into or for.
Effective 10/4/2021