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How To Sell Your Information Technology Jobs to the Best Candidates

information technology jobs

A Guide to Selling IT Jobs to the Right People

Hiring the right candidate for information technology jobs is a crucial move. To make this happen, it is important to know why candidates are looking for opportunities, what they want from their next job, and whether they are willing to relocate for the position you offer.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing a Job Opening

Before we examine how to sell your IT jobs to the best candidates, let’s understand the common mistakes that many companies make when marketing a job opening:

1.     Not targeting the right audience

It’s crucial that your job posting has clear and precise details on what type of position it is, what specific skillset or experience is involved in the position, and the company culture, all at once. The more targeted you are with your posting, the more likely it will be successful.

2.     Misleading promises for the company

When marketing an open position, avoid making any misleading promises for the company that you will not be able to deliver on. Do not promise perks like free lunches or fitness classes that you can’t afford or don’t offer. Similarly, do not promise a salary that is larger than what is listed in your job description, or a vacation time frame that is too short for candidates to accept without question.

3.     Cliched messaging about the company culture

Your company’s culture – its values, beliefs, and work ethic – is what makes it unique and interesting. When it comes to marketing a job opening, little tidbits can go a long way in establishing a clear picture of what the company is about. But too much detail can lead to cliches.

So, what’s wrong with cliched messaging? The wrong information can lower your search inquiries because it comes across as fake or insincere – and the best candidates won’t apply.

4.     Inconsistent branding across channels

When it comes to marketing your job opening, you must have a thoughtful strategy that uses multiple types of content. This might include video, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, case studies, job postings, your website, and others. This will help you reach more people and show off your company in an appealing light.

But, if your job marketing content is inconsistent, you will leave job seekers confused and unsure. You’ll lose trust before you have had a chance to build it.

5.     Assuming Experience = Skills

You should not assume that just because someone has a lot of experience in a certain industry, they will have the skills for your technology job opening. It’s important to go through their resume line by line and critique them based on what you need, before inviting them to interview.

The combination of these mistakes leads to hiring poor-quality candidates who are inappropriate for the role you wish to fill. Market your job openings poorly and you will not attract the quality of candidate you desire.

So, first rule of selling your information technology jobs to the best candidates, is to get your marketing messaging right.

3 Ways You Can Reach Higher-Quality Candidates for Your IT Jobs

Quality candidates for IT jobs are getting harder to find, as the industry is growing and the competition is increasing. There is a need for companies to invest in recruiting practices that can help them find quality candidates with relevant skillsets.

Companies who put effort into recruiting quality candidates will be able to maintain a steady IT workforce and have a good reputation amongst their customers. Three ways companies can recruit better-quality candidates are:

1.     Use social media to attract qualified applicants to your company

Social media is a powerful tool for companies to build their brand and market themselves. It can be used for recruitment purposes by letting potential candidates see who the company is and what they do. This helps create an attractive image of the company, which will entice more people to apply for jobs with them.

2.     Build strong relationships with current employees to increase referrals

If you want your business to grow, then you need to focus on creating a strong team. You must first create an environment that encourages trust. Then, be transparent with your employees about what is happening. Finally, use some specific strategies to build relationships with current employees so that they refer their friends, acquaintances, and members of their network for your IT jobs.

3.     Partner with a specialized staffing agency to access a larger talent pool

The success of a staffing agency is a function of its ability to consistently find and maintain a high caliber of candidate. Think about it as the multiplier effect from hiring passive candidates from the larger talent pool.

Sell the Candidate on the Role and Your Company

You’ve attracted the best candidates, interviewed them, and have decided to make a job offer.

As with any job offer, salary and benefits are a top factor for candidates; we can’t overlook them, but they’re not the only thing to take into consideration.

Candidates want to know about the company culture, potential autonomy, work to be done, and other important factors. They will want to know about how their role impacts what the company does, and they will want to know that their contribution will be appreciated.

During the interview process, you should make the conversation about them, and:

  • Demonstrate how they can contribute to your company’s future
  • Describe how they fit into the company culture
  • Explain the positive impact they would have on your team’s success

Finally, listen to the candidate and understand what they want. Sure, you’ll need to offer a salary commensurate with their role, their experience, and their responsibilities. But over and above this, what is it that really motivates them? If you can show them this piece of the puzzle, they are far more likely to accept your job offer.

Target Talented Candidates to Hit the Bullseye

It’s crucial to target the best candidates, and most of these will be passive candidates. Whether it’s for a project-based contract, with or without a view to hire, or direct permanent placement – we have the skilled and talented people you need to thrive.

Contact ITC today and access the talent you need.