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11 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring for Technology Jobs

technology jobs

The Trips and Hurdles That Block You from Talent

Hiring the right talent for technology jobs can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming – especially if your strategy is littered with errors.

To prevent a significant decline in productivity, an increase in turnover, and a decrease in competitiveness, you must implement the right tactics to fill technology jobs in a skills shortage. CareerBuilder estimates that 74% of companies that made a poor hire lost an average $14,900 for every poor hire made.

You must boost your market competitiveness by having the best talent on board. Here are the mistakes to avoid in your search.

1.    Your Job Description Is Dull and Inaccurate

The tech industry is innovative and exciting. Don’t let your job description be a buzzkill for candidates. The most talented want to be a part of something big to spread their tech wings. Trash the cliches. Let your culture shine through, and ensure the job details are accurate.

2.    The Application Process Is Clunky

The people you want are fast workers with tech, right? Don’t put them off from applying with a clunky application process. Make sure it’s tech savvy, mobile friendly, and smooth.

3.    You Don’t Have a Clear Hiring Structure

You must have a pre-defined, documented hiring structure before starting the hiring process. It will benefit your finances, resources, and applicants, as well as leave quality candidates impressed.

4.    You’re Slow to Respond

It’s the equivalent of seeing that annoying timer on your screen. You don’t know what the next page will look like. You refresh… you might even just click off the page. It’s the same for skilled tech people. Be slow to respond, and they’ll head elsewhere.

5.    You Don’t Check for Culture

Technical jobs aren’t all about technical ability. Great teams consist of unified individuals. If you don’t test for cultural fit, you risk personality clashes that could cost in quality, productivity, reputation, and turnover.

6.    You’ve Drawn in Your Own Search Net

Posting a job ad on a big, monstrous job site won’t get you the refined skills you’re looking for – just a swamp of jobseekers applying for every job on the board, slowing down your process. Get out there. Search online. Get to jobs fairs. Partner with a specialist hiring firm. A lot of talented potential hires are passive candidates.

7.    You Can’t See Past a Resume

Tech people are good at tech, not resumes. Ensure your hiring manager isn’t eliminating potential standout talent just because their resume isn’t that of a professional resume writer.

8.    You Don’t Test Abilities

You just took their word for it? Big mistake. Get technical tests in early in the process. This eliminates anyone who can’t fulfil the groundwork, leaving you to examine for soft skills and fit.

9.    You Rely on First Impressions

Don’t get too excited over one candidate. Continue with rigorous vetting or you’ll risk your gut instinct making the wrong choice. Equally, don’t immediately disregard a candidate just because he or she wasn’t as privileged academically. You must dig deeper to uncover both qualities and downfalls.

10. Your Hiring Managers Are out of Their Depth

Make sure whoever is interviewing or assessing high-quality candidates knows what they’re talking about. They’ll know what to ask, understand the answers, and won’t leave excellent candidates feeling underchallenged.

11. You Don’t Look After Unsuccessful Candidates

Don’t disregard candidates who don’t make it through the process. Always keep them in the loop, thank them for their interest and time spent, and leave a positive impression. You never know when they might just flourish into the ideal candidate for your next open position.

Partner with a Staffing Agency for Contract-To-Hire Staffing

There are a lot of common mistakes out to trip up your search for talent. They’re easy to make, because avoiding them requires dedication, expertise, resources, and time. Irvine Tech provides the support and expertise you need to execute a successful search for tech talent. We will:

  • Offer the talent you need on various contracts that suit your requirements
  • Test candidates for technical knowledge, communication skills, and cultural fit
  • Flex our experience and expertise to seek out the skilled individuals you need and advocate your business to them
  • Provide thorough screening, as well as a technical team that guarantees candidate success
  • Use aggressive referral and networking programs to broaden our continual search
  • Provide payroll solutions and cover employee benefits
  • Provide a flexible and affordable, cost-effective executive search

Allow our team to find the talent you need, when you need it, to propel your business to its strategic goals. Contact Irvine Tech today.