Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Opportunities For All

A world-class business requires diverse talent with exceptional skills. That’s part of the hiring challenge – finding the right professional for your business who can transform your performance and bottom line. That’s our specialty at ITC.

We see hiring gaps others miss and build the infrastructure so you can reap the rewards of a diverse pipeline. Companies that invest in discovering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) best practices see extraordinary ROIs for their business, results like:

• Improved employee engagement
• Increased productivity
• Content customers
• Satisfied shareholders

DE&I Services

Retained Diversity Recruiting

Searching for the next leader who will take your company to new heights? Our full-service retained executive search service identifies, assesses, and onboards diverse leaders by providing:

  • Interview prep and leadership toolkit
  • Organizational fit assessments for final candidates
  • Onboarding training for the executive team
  • 180-day post-hire feedback and follow-up communication

DE&I Culture & Strategy Consulting

As trusted advisors to C-suite executives, we constantly provide counsel and guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. ITC’s senior leadership team creates clear strategies with actionable goals to establish inclusive programs by arranging:

• Executive trainings
• Goal setting and target development
• DE&I culture diagnostics and recommendations
• Employee experience journey mapping

Impact Assessment
& Mapping

Before you can improve diversity staffing, you must understand the cracks in your hiring process, compensation practices, inclusive professional development programs, and more. With our assessments, we implement the following to positively impact your employee environment:

• DE&I key metrics
• HR practices, programs, and processes

DE&I Talent Pipeline Mapping

Defining your talent trajectory is critical. If you are unsure how to define your current pipeline method, our services can identify strategies and build connections with diverse talent by supplying:

  • Assessments and reviews for leadership talent and diversity pipeline
  • Programs to develop diverse leadership, high school and college internships, and apprenticeships
  • Group assessment and development for mentoring, peer coaching, ally programs & employee network groups
  • Leadership coaching, development planning, and 360° feedback and assessment
  • New relationships and partnerships with diverse institutions

DE&I Speaking Engagements

Stories have an unparalleled ability to communicate hidden insight. Through speaking events, we share the depths of our commitment to DE&I services, along with the many lessons we learn on this journey. Through candid dialogue and real-life experiences, we engage in:

• Keynote speaking engagements
• Employee network events
• Leadership panelists
• Leadership workshops

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