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A Remarkable Website Will Help You Land the Best Technology Jobs

technology jobs

The Resume Sidekick That Can Take the Spotlight in Your Career

You want to land the best technology jobs, and though now is the best time to job search, you know you need to stand out against other candidates – but how?

Your own website could be a game-changing solution. According to Workfolio, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool. Yet only 7% of job seekers have one. This is your perfect opportunity.

Here, we look at why and how having a personal website and keeping it maintained and up to date can help you land your ideal job.

It’s a Real-Time Resume

You optimized your resume and ensured you eliminated all the mistakes. You also outlined your technical ability on your resume – but so have all the other candidates. With a link that directs employers straight to your professional and well-maintained website, they have evidence right before them that you are one giant leap ahead of other candidates.

It’s a Portfolio of Work

A website helps you showcase your work the way you want to. It is a portfolio of your work that gives employers a glimpse into what you have to offer as a tech candidate.

Showcase any projects that you’ve achieved and have permission to share on your website, with outcomes and results that portray you as a talented contributor to an organization’s success.

A section on testimonials will also back up your claims with powerful statements you’re unable to include on a resume.

If you’ve participated or managed any voluntary projects as an individual or as part of a team, show them off. This is particularly important if you’re new to the field with little or no employment history.

It Demonstrates Your Tech Ability

Using powerful graphics and a streamlined, user-friendly, yet innovative and stylish website will demonstrate who you are as a professional. Hiring managers will love your creativity of doing something different in their hiring process.

Your website is the one place where you have full control over what you are portraying as a candidate by showing off relevant skills and accomplishments in the fields of technology and engineering.

It Helps Connect You to a Professional Network

A personal website is an excellent way to connect with potential employers who may check out your work online.

When your skills and abilities are on the world wide web, you become increasingly visible – to clients, employers, and hiring managers. The more exposure you have, the more likely you’ll get headhunted.

A hiring manager or agency may reach out to you – even if the timing isn’t right for you, you may discover an opportunity you wouldn’t have as a passive candidate.

It Shows You Stay Updated with Your Industry and Technology

To land the best technology jobs, you must be keen to keep pace with change and innovation. Laws and regulations are also regularly updated, so employers seek candidates who have a genuine passion in both the creative and legal side of technology.

Your website is a great way to prove this. Having a well-maintained and knowledgeable blog page will drive traffic to your website (and further enhance your network and value), and show employers you take an active approach to learning the very latest trends and needs of technology.

It’s a Talking Point in Interviews

You’re more likely to land an interview when employers have already gained insight into your true ability and technical mindset through your website. You’ve already chipped down many bricks in the wall between you and your dream tech job (whereas other candidates will yet have much work to do). You can walk in with confidence, and have your website as a talking point that will often be raised with great interest by the interviewer.

Get Exposure to Some of the Best Technology Jobs Today

We’ve shown you how a website can really help your ability to find and land the best technology jobs. It certainly strengthens your application as a standout candidate! There is, however, a lot of things you can do to further fast-track your career.

How? Submit your resume to ITC today. We will ensure your resume is optimized to ensure our clients feel compelled to visit your website. We’ll also help prepare you for interview. Most importantly, we ensure we understand your career goals, and find the solutions and opportunities that you need to thrive. Get in touch and help us get you seen by the best in the biz.