We are excited to announce the very successful completion of our first Women in Leadership CIO Certification program.

Women in Leadership CIO Certification Program, March 2019

Fifteen executive women in technology management jobs have completed the course which began September 13, 2018 and ended March 7, 2019. Many outstanding CIOs contributed to the success and leadership of the classes as well as the new mentor/mentee program, we thank you!

This program was created by Dr. Subbu Murthy and myself as an avenue for women to gain the additional confidence needed to apply and put themselves forward when openings for CIO positions should arise. As an individual who has worked over twenty years in the technology space and still has experienced very few female executives, both Dr. Murthy and myself knowing that we share the understanding to give back decided to dive in headfirst and help. The program took a little over a year to compose and it has been our greatest pleasure to do something for a cause that we both feel passionate about.

The next session will be kicking off this September in Los Angeles and we will be looking for new nominations of interested female executives who would like to take part in this free certification program for technology management jobs. Executives taking the course must commit to the entirety of the thirteen week in person class sessions and be nominated by a fellow executive, CIO/CEO or CHRO.

For additional information and a nomination form please contact nicole.mcmackin@itccorp.com.


Nicole McMackin