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How to Prepare for Cyberattack on Your Company

Online Criminals Are Seeking the Unprepared

Knowing how to prepare for a cyberattack is no longer an optional tick box, but a crucial element in business operation.

According to research from Juniper, the global cost of cybercrime has multiplied four-fold since 2015, costing trillions of dollars. Shockingly, a Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report revealed that 73% of businesses are not ready to respond to a cyberattack, and would be seriously impacted.

Is your company prepared for a cyberattack? You can be, with these strategies to protect your business.

Realize the Risk

Don’t believe that it’s only the big companies that get hit by hackers, data breach, and malware. A study by Symantec shows that 40% of attacks are on companies with fewer than 500 employees. Hackers are looking for areas of low resistance; if you have them, they’ll find you.

In fact, smaller companies and their closer-knit company cultures often pose a risk in the increased trust within their employees. Thorough personality and background checks when hiring will help reduce this risk from the roots. Hiring cybersecurity professionals will also reduce the trust required from less knowledgeable staff.

Take Stock of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Determine what is most at risk in your company and what needs most protection. Do this by considering your business processes and outlining how revenue is generated, followed by what systems are in place to achieve this and how they could be attacked. Think also about:

  • Who your customers are
  • What your product is
  • Who would benefit from attacking your business

You should also pay attention to your competitors and what threats they face. If they’ve been attacked, learn how that happened, as it’s likely you’ll be attacked with the same methodology. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Create Awareness

Ensure digital security is engrained within your employees. Doing so will allow them to identify potential attacks that are always very well disguised – for example, an email link. An uneducated victim is an attacker’s entrance to infiltrating your system. So, invest in time consistently educating your company on the latest attack techniques, and how to be vigilant.

Establish a Continuous Assessment Process

Cybersecurity must be a continuous working assessment. Periodic risk assessments will ensure your company can re-evaluate its risk points, develop response plans to incidents, and review risk assessment processes whenever a business change is made.

Each time your business makes a change – such as introducing a new system or implementing new software – you’re left exposed to greater risk. Continually updated assessments will maintain your protection levels throughout and in between such changes.

Pay Attention to Your Security Team

Your security team are part of your defense plan. They are the frontline in your fight against an intelligent enemy. 60% of small businesses closed within six months of a cyberattack – it’s worth investing in the right people. The companies that thrive by hiring to boost market competitiveness are also hiring to survive.

Cybersecurity professionals:

  • Analyze potential threats and identify infiltration paths for attackers
  • Assess your weaknesses and processes
  • Develop software solutions that combat hacking and penetration
  • Ensure legal compliance in your cybersecurity strategies

Partnering with a specialist staffing provider will ensure you have the best cybersecurity professionals on your side. You will have access to their expertise when your business needs them.

Acting flexibly in response to your current business objectives will ensure you are only hiring who you need, when you need them. For example, if your business is executing a system change, hire cybersecurity professionals on a temporary basis.

This approach to hiring will not only maximize your protection from attacks with expertise, but protect your finances, too. You may also discover exceptional talent you may wish to keep on permanently, reducing your hiring costs.

Prepare for a Cyberattack with the Right Skills on Board

We often talk about thriving in 2021, and how to ensure growth against your competitors. But with cybersecurity a constant an ever-growing threat to your business, you must invest in survival as a foundation. Cyber criminals are smarter than any competitor.

Having the right people on your side is crucial. Their expert advice and skills will guide and protect you, so that you can grow and focus on what you do best.

Don’t head into the remainder of the year blindfolded. Contact Irvine Technology to find the most talented personnel in cybersecurity.