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Every day in the technology industry is a different day with new cloud tools, new security considerations and a handful of startups that we didn’t know existed yesterday.  There are new technology jobs and technology management jobs and While all this is happening, one theme is consistent: candidate quality. I find that hiring managers continue to circle back to the need for more collaboration, communication, adaptability, optimism, energy… the list goes on. In the reverse, candidates with many years of experience and technical expertise are asking why they are not landing the roles they want.  Why is it taking longer to land a job even in this candidate scarce market?

I loved this article because it’s a shorter version of the conversation that I have again and again, “Your project experience and technical skills are important, but if you are uncomfortable completing a pair programming exercise, then you will be passed over. Your ability to collaborate and demonstrate adaptability is key to interviewing well.

Do you connect quickly with your interviewers?
Do you consider yourself an exceptional communicator? Let’s talk about that.”

Technology employers are looking for high performing teams and now they know how to build them. Here is a solid snapshot of what it takes to stand out and commit to your new quest for excellence. Enjoy!


Sarah Copeland

Executive Director of Recruitment