Tweak Your Résumé For Technology Jobs

Author: Nick Kolakowski. If you have zero urge to start searching or starting in new technology jobs, it’s still worth updating your résumé: You never know when you might need it on short notice. (For example, if you’re a federal employee furloughed by the recent shutdown, you might have to make a quick decision to pursue […]

5 Technology Job Phone Interview Tips

Author: Dice Staff. Not all technology job interviews take place in person; especially during the early stages of the hiring process, a tech pro will likely have to speak to technology recruiters, HR staff, hiring managers, and even potential colleagues on the phone. While phone interviews offer several advantages—you don’t need to dress up, for example, […]

Add Emotional Intelligence in Interviews for Technology Jobs

Author: Dice Staff Most people spend so much time preparing for the technical aspect of interviews for technology jobs —i.e., answering questions about their skill sets and job history—that many forget to bring a very important element: a little bit of emotional intelligence. You’ve probably heard of emotional intelligence. Some people believe your “E.Q.”(sometimes referred to […]