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3 Tips To Negotiate Your Technology Salary

Salary negotiation is not just a matter of interest to employees, but employers and HR as well. If you are an employee who seeks a better package for your technology job, a couple of negotiation tactics could boost your take-home pay closer to a figure you deserve. Tactic 1: Be reasonable You can ask for […]

Technology Jobs In The Face of Talent Shortage

Technology jobs in the face of talent shortage Even as technology jobs, personal lives, and economies are becoming more connected, more digital, and automated in the next normal after COVID-19, the spotlight is on the next wave of innovation in information technology (IT). Apart from being the driver of America’s competitive edge, information technology jobs […]

Like A Boss

Did You Know: Fortune 500 companies with at least 3 women in leading positions saw a 66% increase in ROI. If you’re working in technology jobs, learn more from Womenwhotech.com and their Women Startup Challenge Europe.