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Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook Discuss STEM Funding, Immigration Reform

During the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation panel in Philadelphia, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft representatives issued another call to action for increased STEM funding and for revisions to the nation’s immigration policy. Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook Wednesday challenged the next White House administration to increase STEM education funding and reform immigration policy during an Information Technology […]

Spurning tech jobs with six-figure salaries

Software developers in their 20s are now treated like celebrities in pop culture. Hit TV shows like HBO’s “Silicon Valley” glamorize geekdom, and the public has never been more fascinated with young founders of billion-dollar tech companies. Surprisingly, the fame and fortune of internet entrepreneurs has done little to attract more Americans to this field. […]

Let’s Encourage Diversity in the Tech Industry. Read about Women in Technology: The Challenge and the Responsibility.

Is it almost reverse logic in some ways to call out ‘women in technology’ as an issue that needs addressing? Surely it should just be people in technology, some of whom are women, right? Speaking as a man married to a female professional software application developer who feels exactly this way, it’s kind of tough […]